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About Us

We (Carson Howell and Cody Howell) started Smash Factor after Carson invited Cody to play. Cody is left-handed and couldn't share clubs and didn't want to spend $1000+ on a set. He went to Goodwill and scraped together a decent set.

Cody has a background in product sourcing, warehousing, and logistics. He used his network to find manufacturers that work with "The Big Brands" (We can't say their names but they rhyme with Smallay and Smitelist to rhyme a few).

We have gone through multiple tests, samples, and QA processes to find the best clubs we can. Our business is built on being transparent. Our cost to get the components made is about $75. Then we have assembly, shipping, boxes (which are $20!! So if you know of cheaper boxes let us know!), and marketing. At the end of the day, we average a profit of about $20 per club we sell.

We can bring you the same quality as the big brands because we make less on every club we sell. We calculate that big brands make over $100 per club they sell. We rely on our users to help us spread the word. If you purchase, we'd love to see you use it. Make videos and send them to us. We love to feature our customers on our page!

As we continue to grow, we will expand our selection to other materials in our drivers, to more clubs (irons and wedges hopefully soon), and just general golf equipment to help make golf more affordable for all players.



Carson has a handicap of +11. He loves his new Cobra driver, but still uses his Smash Factor because of how forgiving it is. His driver shot carries about 275. He's got a Golden Doodle named Cooper. In Carson's free time he likes to hit the range and stream.

Carson lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you live close by invite him to play a round!





Cody has a handicap of +30. Yeah he's really bad. He played 18 years of baseball and his swing just hasn't adjusted. His shortest recorded hit is -5 yards. Even though he's not great at golf he still enjoys the game. Cody is married and has a Yellow Lab named Selah. In Cody's free time, not that he has much, he hits the range, and spends time with his family.

Cody lives in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. So PLEASE invite him out and teach him a few things!